Calla Lily Care How-to : From Bulbs to Bouquet

The calla lily is a very exceptional flower despite the fact that it is not seen as a true lily. It comes in various colors and its beauty is unquestionable. The calla lilies grow from rhizomes and are most conveniently used in beds and on borders.

Calla lilies can also be grown as house plants in window facing the sun or outdoors. Below are a few tips on how to grow calla lilies:

Tips on how to grow sparkling calla lilies

calla lily growGrowing calla lilies is quite an easy task since they don’t require much. The most important thing to consider is the planting location. It has to be a proper location.

The calla lily should be planted in soil that is well drained and loose. They have to be located in an area that is fully exposed to the sun or in partial shade in regions that have warmer climates.

The best season to plant calla lilies is spring after ensuring that there is no threat of frost and that the soil has adequately warmed.

calla lily bulbsThe calla lilies need to be planted quite deep, say four inches to get better results. They should also be properly spaced, like one foot from each other.

Remember to water the area well after planting since calla lilies enjoy moist soils more. Ensure that you apply fertilizer on a monthly basis while they grow. This will see to it that you get the best quality calla lilies.

Just like in planting, caring for calla lilies doesn’t require much. They just need to be watered and supplied with enough fertilizer. You then need to put a sufficient layer of mulch around the plant to ensure that it remains moist and without weeds.

Caring for calla lilies

Once flowering has stopped, you should allow the plant some dormant period to allow it die back. You should therefore stop watering the plant. Those growing in container should be moved to an area that is dark when the foliage fades.

Resume watering after two or three months. It is advisable that you lift the calla lilies and store them in cooler areas during the warm periods.

calla lily care

During autumn, after the first frost, dig the rhizomes up and shake off the soil. Give them time to dry then store them for winter.

Store them in peat moss in a cool, dry and dark area till warm periods resume in spring. You can then transplant them in spring.

What calla lilies represent

They have deeply rooted historical and cultural significance. They are popularly used in weddings and other holidays and occasions that are romantic in nature. Just like other flowers, they have symbolic meaning that is distinct. They are traditional symbols of  marital bliss, true devotion and divinity.

calla lily bouquet

They are more specifically used to mark the sixth wedding anniversary. They have however also been used in funeral as a show of sympathy and purification of the soul departed. Calla lilies can essentially be used in any occasion in which rebirths, transitions and new beginnings are celebrated.