How to Plant Calla Lilly bulbs

Plant Calla Lilly bulbs Plant Calla Lilly bulbs Callas are certainly not true lilies, and grow from rhizomes instead of bulbs. They like loose, well-drained soil, and full sun to partial shade, and they must be planted early in the year all things considered danger of frost is passed.

Plant the rhizomes about 4 inches deep, water well, keep the plants fairly moist, and fertilize monthly.

After flowering, moisture may be reduced as the plants enter into dormancy. Calla lilly may also be grown in containers, either outside or perhaps in a sunny window in the house.

If grown in a container, once foliage has faded, move them to a dark area, don’t water, and let them rest for 2 or 3 months. Following that, you are able to bring them back to the light and resume watering.

Plant Calla Lilly
Plant Calla Lilly

Callas can remain in the earth over winter in warmer zones, 8 and higher. In colder zones, they must be lifted and stored in a non-freezing spot. Dig them in autumn, it’s okay to wait patiently up until the first frost, let them dry for several days, then wrap them in peat and store inside airy and cool, and dark area.